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Swimming and WalkingGalaxidi Port Bay

Mount Parnassos is a National Park, with excellent footpaths and forest roads, wonderful landscapes, dotted with beautiful villages and small country churches. With its highest peak reaching over 2,400 metres, the 3,600 hectare park is home to many animals and verdure alike. Foxes, hares and hawkes, along with fir and juniper trees bring this park alive.

Trek your way up the mountain along the numerous trails in the park. If you are not confident enough to just take off on your own, local professional guides are also available. The guides not only ensure you are safe but also take you through unforgettable trails, tailor-made to please even the hardest enthusiast. A camera is an absolute bring-along if you want to take back some pleasant memories. Proper clothing and shoes is a must-have.

With the gorgeous sea nearby, the area is filled with breathtaking views over the mountains. The various trails take you to old monasteries and classic Greek villages.

If you tire of hiking, the sea is never far away. Aspra Spitia, Itea and the historic port of Galaxidi are within driving distance.