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Ati Café

Ati CafeThe Ati Café is a wooden cafeteria with outdoor ménage for horse riding. The specially designed riding area initiates you into the sport, as you ride Elinda, a beautiful cinnamon-coloured horse, or trot around on Amalia, a small pony.

DelphiOn the Livadi, left of the main road to the Ski Center, is the Ati Café, owned by Panagiotis Spiliotis, and at the side of the café is the ménage, where you will learn the fundamentals of horse riding. When you have acquired this basic knowledge, you can ride into the woods and around the plateau with an instructor.

What is better than a horse ride through the green paths of Parnassos? This experience is unique in the area. There are many equestrian activities at the Ati Café, and with the help of trained instructors, you can gain the confidence to ride by yourself. The feeling of relaxation will accompany you as the horses give you tours of the beautiful area.

http://ati1.webs.com/aticafe.htm - Old Ati Café website (in Greek)